Nov 7: Vidya Dehejia (Columbia University)

To the Divine through the Path of Beauty: An Exploration.

Nov 8: The Singh Twins

Slaves of Fashion: New Works by the Singh Twins

Revealing Hidden Histories and Decolonising Collections Through Contemporary Art.

Nov 9: Iftikhar Dadi (Cornell University)

Calligraphic Abstraction: Anwar Jalal Shemza



  1. Munazzah Akhtar and Rabia Qureshi (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore) Documents of Life and Death: Constructing Identities at the Samma Tombs of Makli Necropolis in Sindh.
  2. Rahaab Allana (Curator, Alkazi Foundation for the Arts) Positioning an Image Archive.
  3. Warwick Ball, (Independent Archaeologist), British excavations at Old Qandahar.
  4. Santanu Banerjee (Kazi Nazrul University in Asansol, India).
  5. Claire Banks (PhD Student, University of Edinburgh) Company Drawings of Natural History: the evolution of techniques and materials.
  6. Nick Barnard (V&A Museum) and Lucia Burgio (V&A Museum): A second life for an unwanted shrine, a study of a Jain domestic shrine at the V&A Museum.
  7. Antonia Behan (Bard Graduate Centre) “The Art of Living:” Domestic Space, Cultural Regeneration, and Ananda and Ethel Coomaraswamy’s Norman Chapel.
  8. Guneeta Singh Bhalla (Independent), The 1947 Partition Archive.
  9. Kamalika Bose (Heritage Synergies, India), Chair.
  10. Crispin Branfoot (SOAS) Temple renovation and the ‘discovery’ of the Cholas in Madras Presidency.
  11. Rebecca M. Brown (Johns Hopkins University) Gestures toward the Legible: Astrology, Mathematics, and Writing in KCS Paniker’s Painting.
  12. Anne Buddle, (National Galleries, Scotland) India at Duff House, Aberdeenshire.
  13. Aditi Chandra (University of California, Merced), Chair. Towards an Archival Understanding of Monuments.
  14. Sria Chatterjee, (PhD Candidate, Princeton University) Place-Work-Folk & Other Problems: the Geddeses in the Santiniketan-Sriniketan experiment.
  15. Suvojit Chatterjee (Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol)Asansol Heritage Group.
  16. Kevin Chua (Texas Tech University) Henri Parmentier’s Buddhist Iconoclasm.
  17. Pamela N. Corey (SOAS University of London), Chair.
  18. Iftikhar Dadi (Cornell University) Calligraphic Abstraction: Anwar Jalal Shemza.
  19. Shilpi Das (PhD Candidate, KNU, India) Art History and its Dis(contents): A Reassessment of the Underestimated Creative Genius of Select Women Painters of the Tagore Family.
  20. Vikas Dilawari, conservation architect, Mumbai.
  21. Gianni Dubbini (Independent, Italy) A Venetian ‘quack doctor’ and his fellow painters: Nicolo Manucci’s artistic patronage in India (1680-1730).
  22. Divya Kumar Dumas (PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania) Shapes of Water: Confronting Sculptural Reliefs at Mamallapuram.
  23. Natasha Eaton (University College, London) Colour in Indian Photography.
  24. John Falconer (Independent, ex-British Library), The Lie of the Land: Kandahar 1880-81.
  25. Avalon Fotheringham (V&A Museum): Checks, Stripes and Spots: Indian handkerchiefs in Global Trade and Fashion.
  26. Bashabi Fraser (Edinburgh-Napier, Director, Scottish Centre for Tagore Studies), Chair.
  27. Silvia Genovese (PhD Student, University of Edinburgh) Photographic Journalism in Kashmir.
  28. Pika Ghosh (Haverford College) Embroidering Widowhood in Colonial Bengal.
  29. Alexandra Green (British Museum) Was Raffles an early anthropologist? Views from Java.
  30. Ellen Gough (Emory University) Modern Jain Temples to the Nine Planets
  31. Atreyee Gupta (University of California, Berkeley) “To say that we don’t know with certainty where we are going is a proof of our lucidity:” Jagdish Swaminathan, Octavio Paz, and the Group 1890.
  32. Vivek Gupta (PhD Candidate, SOAS) Didactic Images of Wonder: An Illustrated Dictionary made in Fifteenth-Century Mandu, the Miftāḥ al-Fużalā of Shadiyabadi (British Library Or 3299)
  33. Emily Hanam (Royal Library) Loyal Ladies (in waiting?): The Contribution of Indian and Irish Women to Queen Mary’s Coronation Wardrobe.
  34. Adam Hardy (Emeritus, The Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff) Chair.
  35. Mary Beth Heston (College of Charleston) Home and the World/ Home as the World: the Nalukettu Residence in the Creation of Kerala Identity.
  36. Lotte Hoek (University of Edinburgh) Animating the Image: Film Appreciation and the Art Film in 1970s Dhaka.
  37. Edward Hollis (Professor of Interior Design, ECA, Edinburgh), Chair.
  38. Jennifer Howes (Independent) Francis Robertson and the Colonial (mis)use of Amaravati sculpture in the early 19th Century.
  39. Eric Huntington (Stanford University) Layered Maṇḍalic Cosmologies in Himalayan Buddhist Shrines.
  40. Sukaina Husain (PhD Student, University of Edinburgh) A Paradoxical Condition: Mughal Aesthetics between the Reigns of Akbar and Jahangir (1575-1627).
  41. Soumya James (Independent) Artful ambiguities in Angkor’s literary and material culture: locating Śrī in inscriptions and art.
  42. Sushma Jansari (British Museum) Chair.
  43. Zehra Jumabhoy (The Courtauld Institute of Art) Tagore, Heights of Fancy: Mountains & National Imaginings.
  44. Radha Kapuria, (Leverhulme ECR Felllow, University of Sheffield) Evidence for the Ephemeral: Music and Dance in colonial Punjab.
  45. Jinah Kim (Harvard University), Chair.
  46. Nadhra Khan, (Lahore University of Management Sciences) The Lahore Museum and Its Sikh Artefacts: A Probe into Facts and Fiction
  47. Hawon Ku (Seoul National University) Her Lady’s Room: Portrait of a Lady within Patriarchal/Colonial Space.
  48. Riyaz Latif (FLAME University, Pune, India) Ornate Commemorations: Funerary Monuments for Queens in Sultanate Gujarat.
  49. Kimberly Masteller (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art) and Kate Garland (NAM): Far from Home: A Study of the Domestic Jain Shrine at the Nelson Atkin Museum of Art and Comparative Shrines in India.
  50. Mohit Manohar (Yale University) The Case of the Missing Chhatri: Colonial “Restoration” of the Tomb of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram.
  51. Kajal Meghani, (University of Brighton/British Museum) The Global and the National: South Asian Collectors at the British Museum.
  52. Libbie Mills, (University of Toronto) Temple Conservation: Jīrṇoddhāra and Anukarman.
  53. Hemanta Mondal (Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol), Asansol Heritage Group.
  54. Nicolas Morrissey (University of Georgia), On the Maṇḍalic Structure of Buddhist Architecture in Medieval Bihar and Bengal: Revisitations and Reconsiderations.
  55. Hammad Nassar (Senior Research Fellow, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art) Discussant.
  56. Alka Patel (University of California, Irvine), Qandahar: A Depictive History.
  57. Divia Patel (V&A Museum) Being Modern: Fashionable Dress in 20th Century India from the V&A Collection.
  58. Neeraja Poddar (City Palace Museum, Udaipur, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies) The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Gosainkund Scroll: A Phenomenological Approach.
  59. Sophia Powers (University of Auckland), New Delhi Topographies.
  60. Jawan Shir Rasikh (University of Pennsylvania), Visual Materials as Sources in Afghanistan Historiography.
  61. Sugata Ray (University of Berkeley), Chair.
  62. Yael Rice (Amherst College) The World in a Book: Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral in the Indian Album.
  63. Malini Roy (The British Library) The Bengali artist Haludar.
  64. Anupam Sah, (Conservator, CSMVS Museum) Preserving and Learning from Cultural Heritage: Case Studies in Conservation from the CSMVS, Mumbai.
  65. Tamara Sears (Rutgers University, New Jersey), Chair. From Ganga’s Makara to the Ghariyal’s Last Stand: Confronting Animal Extinctions through a Transhistorical Lens.
  66. Uditi Sen (University of Nottingham) Everyday Archives of Partition: Beyond Narratives of Loss.
  67. Holly Shaffer (Brown University) Picture-Rhythms (Tala-Mala) of Termite Hills to a Deer’s Swiftness of Thought.
  68. Khushi Shah, (Conservation Architect, Adjunct Faculty, CEPT University, Ahmedabad) “Ghar Derasars in Gujarat: Historical, Architectural and Socio-religious Context.”
  69. Siddhartha V. Shah (Curator, Peabody Essex Museum), Chair.
  70. Yuthika Sharma (University of Edinburgh), Chair.
  71. Heeryoon Shin (Vanderbilt University), Chair.
  72. James Simpson (Architect, Asia-Scotland Trust).
  73. Amrit and Rabindra Singh, Slaves of Fashion, New Works by the Singh Twins: Revealing Hidden Histories and Decolonising Collections Through Contemporary Art.
  74. Pushkar Sohoni (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune) Beyond Faith After Death: The Ahmadnagar Group of Funerary Monuments
  75. Saachi Sood, (PhD Candidate, SOAS) The Kangra Kirātarjunīya and the Printing Press in the early 19th century.
  76. Simon Soon (University of Malaya) Clock-wearing Buraqs, Composite Time and the Pathosformel of Husayn in Aceh.
  77. Deborah Stein (California College of Arts) Discussant.
  78. Martin Stoye, (Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Berlin) Holy splendour for a pious home – a Jain house temple in the Asian Art Museum Berlin.
  79. Susan Stronge (V&A Museum) Chair.
  80. Shivani Sud (PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley) Between Ram Raj and British Raj: Tradition and Transformation in Jaipur Court Painting, ca. 1835-1880.
  81. Sanjukta Sunderason, (Leiden University), Chair. Discourse and Dissonance: Drawing Lineages of 20th Century Political Art in India.
  82. Nora Taylor (School of the Arts Institute Chicago) Dismembering and remembering: Danh Vo’s Fragmented Historical Bodies and Embodiments of History.
  83. Nandini Thilak (Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies) Beyond Public-Private Divisions: The Interior Life of an Indian Zenana.
  84. Ashley Thompson (SOAS University of London), Chair.
  85. Friederike Voigt, (National Museum Scotland), Chair.